Outstanding Organization Advisor (Faculty/Staff)

Awarded to an organization advisor that creates a supportive environment for the leaders they work with. The recipient is an example of how an advisor is instrumental in helping members grow, learn, develop, and mature.

Selection Criteria:

Advisors nominated for this award should demonstrate the following criteria:

•Served as advisor during the 2012-2013 academic year
• Be a full-time UL at Lafayette faculty or staff member
• Assist student organization with the set up of meaningful programs, meetings, and events that are consistent with the organizations purpose
• Possess a familiarity with University policies and procedures that impact the organization
• Encourages the development of responsibility and leadership in students
• Made her/himself available to organization members
• Showed dedication to and interest in the student organization
• Displays an interest in students’ personal growth and development

Points of Consideration. Please address in the narrative
• Why is your organization nominating this individual?
• How many years has this adviser worked with your organization?
• Please list three words to best describe your advisor.
• Describe in detail the role of the faculty/staff advisor within your organization, highlighting specific responsibilities or functions that the advisor performs.

Please describe why you feel that the individual is worthy of this award. Be sure to include a
description of the most significant accomplishments this person has made while advising this organization. Please limit submissions to one typed page per award nomination. Portions of this essay may be read during the Ragin' Recognition Awards ceremony.

Narrative for this award must be uploaded to this form and must be a Word file (other programs can't be opened).

Nominations are due by 5pm on Friday, March 8, 2013. Note: This award will not be presented for two consecutive years to the same advisor.


Please note that a confirmation receipt will be sent to the email address you provided.