Living/Learning Communities

  • Living and Learning Communities (LLC's) and Themed Living Communities (TLC's) offer enrichment experiences to first-year students who share the same academic or personal interest. Students who are selected to participate live together in a residence hall and attend special events created to help them explore their field of study or shared interest. Those students in a living/learning community (LLC) based upon their major will also take a set of classes together. 


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    Benefits to students who participate in LLC/TLC include:

    • Have a network of friends,
    • Meet people who have a common goal,
    • Participate in social activities related to their academic major or interest,
    • Increase intellectual gains and enhanced academic performance,
    • Grow in autonomy and independence,
    • Increase interpersonal skills,
    • Enhance maturity and personal development,
    • Transform a residential setting into an active, supportive, and exciting place to live and learn.


    Fall 2013 Living/Learning and Themed Living Communities


    To Apply you must:

         2013-2014 Housing Application

    • After being accepted into UL and Housing you can then apply to the community of your choice. Applications available at the bottom of the page. 


    Fall 2013 Communities - spaces are LIMITED

    All communities will be placed in the first-year residence halls of Bonin or Corrona. 


    Living/Learning Communities

    Nursing (24 spaces) will take classes together Check out pictures from this year

    Engineering (24 spaces) will take classes together (new Fall 2013)


    Themed Living Communities 

    Gateway to the Arts (Interest in Visual and Performing Arts)

    24 spaces (new Fall 2013)

    Does Starry Night hang on your wall? Can you recognize Claire de Lune after three notes? Are you on your way to being the next Rembrandt or do you consider yourself a stick-figure enthusiast? Whatever your ability or experience, the Gateway to the Arts Themed Learning Community will be the perfect outlet for your creative expression. Visit art galleries, see theatre and dance performances, check out local musicians, or get your hands dirty with various art projects. As part of the Gateway to the Arts community, the world of artistic expression is yours to explore. You’ll experience dance, theater, music, visual and design arts and more, learning from those who have dedicated their lives to their crafts. Whether you are an experienced artist, a hobbyist, or a novice, come and explore your passion with others who share your appreciation for the arts. Don’t worry, talent isn’t a prerequisite!


    Life Time Recreation (Interest in Sports and Recreation)

    24 spaces (new Fall 2013)

    The Lifetime Recreation Themed Living Community is a dynamic community of students who pursue an active lifestyle. The community is open to students interested in learning about themselves through activities that will build meaningful relationships and develop healthy lifestyle habits. Students will explore health related concepts and expose learners to a variety of recreational activities that can be done throughout their lives to achieve personal goals for health and fitness.   


    Service and Leadership

    24 spaces (new Fall 2013)

    The Service and Leadership living community promotes active student engagement on campus and throughout the Lafayette community. First year students will participate in leadership activities, service projects, and other targeted programming throughout the year. Residents will be exposed to the many ways that they can contribute to the campus, local, and global communities, both now and into the future.


    Honors must be eligible for Honors (Honors website)

    48 spaces

    Check out the pictures from this year



    LLC/TLC Expectations and Application 



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